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browser requirements

To best use the SLAAP software, please make sure that your web browser is configured to meet these guidelines.

  • Recommended Browsers: Most current web browsers should work. If you have QuickTime and both JavaScript and cookies enabled (see below), your browser should work. The SLAAP software has been tested (and seems to work) with Safari, FireFox, and Internet Explorer.

  • Cookies: Cookies are used to control user access. To log in you must have cookies enabled. (What the heck's a cookie? See Wikipedia:HTTP Cookie.)

  • JavaScript: You must have JavaScript enabled for many of the features to work.

  • Quicktime Player Plug-in: Quicktime is required for many of the features that interact with the audio player (e.g., playing from annotation time).

  • Text Size: For certain features related to transcript presentation and analysis, the software attempts to build images (as in the line analysis tool shown in the screen shot) that line up with the text. The measurements used for this are based on normal sized text. Many browsers allow you to modify the text size. The software cannot determine the text size that your browser is using. If the images fail to line up with the text, you may want to adjust the text size in your browser (see the W3C WAI website for help with this).
    screen shot of line analysis example showing pitch track
    Screen Shot: Transcript Line Analysis, with Audio Player, Graph of Pitch, and Data Read Out
    In particular, Internet Explorer seems to have text sizes slightly different than other browsers and the alignment of some images may not be quite right.

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