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This page is intended to house links to projects, papers, and tools that are relevant to NC SLAAP. Currently, the links are mostly just to software applications that the SLAAP server makes use of for processing support. More content coming soon...

NC State Libraries' SLAAP page: A short info page about the project on the NCSU Libraries' website

Praat Website: Praat, a fantastic open-source phonetic analysis software project developed at the Institute of Phonetic Sciences, at the University of Amsterdam. Praat is used by the SLAAP web server for many of the interactions with the audio files (like to conduct real-time phonetic analyses) and to generate some of the graphics.

LAME mp3 encoder SourceForge Site: LAME, an open-source mp3 encoder, is used to convert the audio files to mp3 format for faster loading over the web.

ImageMagick Website: ImageMagick is an open-source image manipulation suite. The SLAAP software uses ImageMagick to convert between graphic formats and resize images in the background (mostly to allow Praat generated graphics to be web-viewable).

With thanks to the North Carolina State University Libraries, the North Carolina Language and Life Project, and the William C. Friday Endowment at NC State University for their support.  © Tyler Kendall
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